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Главная » 2010 » Май » 28 » Авиакатастрофа самолета в Индии
Авиакатастрофа самолета в Индии
Фильм группы: vkontakte.ru Авиакатастрофы,военная гражданская авиация FLIGHT CRASH AIRPORT MANGALORE 2 crash accident. It was a very awful day in the history of Mangalore. Today, about 6:10 dawn an inbound AIR INDIA EXPRESS BOEING 737 flight from Dubai to Mangalore crash landed just a few metres from the Bajpe Airport at Mangalore. It is believed to be carrying 168 passengers. Out of which 145 adults and 23 young ones. The locals were mentioning that they have saved instantly after the crash about 6 people including a badly wounded person from Puthur who was still conscious and could speak. These patients have been admitted to SCS, KMC, AJ and Wenlock Hospitals in the city. Locals say that the conditions of these survivors are critical. Фильм смотреть онлайн
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