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Главная » 2010 » Декабрь » 26 » Пушкин: альтернативная история (Part 1)
Пушкин: альтернативная история (Part 1)
Три сестри за столом, собралися вечерком... Пушкин или Путин? Прикольная! Свой комеди клаб! Юмор! Моя ли он Любовь? Прикол Prikol Oopsy daisy... Unfortunately only in Russian, but here is a SYNOPSIS: Three young women gather around the table one evening, talking. Two of them are very eager to get married, while the third one advises them to wait for the right person at the right time. At this moment three suitors enter, trying to impress the three young ladies with their talents and tales of great exploits in countries far away. When the three leave, Maria and Dunasha (two of the sisters) begin discussing the young men they have set their eyes upon, how handsome they are and of all the connections they have. Their sister Aliona urges them to be patient and wait for Gods timing and the person He will bring to them at the right time. Her sisters laugh at her, claiming that she will surely become a spinster or wait a hundred years! The grandfather and mother of the three young women, who had been listening at the door, enter and also urge the young woman not to be foolish and turn a suitor away. Her grandfather tells her that people are laughing behind her back as she will soon be twenty years and still unmarried. Troubled the young girl falls asleep next to the fireplace. She dreams about a strange visitor who gives her strange advice. She is told that she should hurry and not loose the chance to marry. When she turns around, she sees a demon standing there. She commands <b>...</b>
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